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Friday, January 15, 2021

3. Trying to be more plastic free / zero waste - aspiring minimalist + conscious consumer


This video was an attempt at a stake in the ground. The 'where I'm at today', providing the overhwhelming opportunity for progress. I have so many ideas regarding my #zerowaste journey and the small steps I want to take. 

I feel that 2021 will be very transformative, not just in terms of my sustainability but my lifestyle in general. 

the video
so as i mentioned, this journey really began following a spree of empties. it gave me a chance to pause after a month of use and really see the amount of waste I had produced - but also owned.

my relationship with items is changing and i resent being their owner. I resent the packaging becoming my problem and my responsibility to deal with. I resent the cardboard box things arrive in, more often than not purely an aesthetic item and I resent the additional marketing material regularly attached. 

Anyway, I outlined the items I currently use to reduce my packaging contribution but I am aware that the responsibility should lie, in the most part, with the producers of these items.

It is also worth noting that this is a constantly changing process and I've already made some changes since filming. 

safety razor
my first foray into something #zerowaste my safety razor was the result of months of research. 
I think this is often touted as the easiest thing to change and in hindsight I do agree. 

They definitely look intimidating, but in reality they're easier to use and have better results than the traditional disaposable kind. 

bar soap is basically  shower gel with less water. 
say it with me. 
I really don't see the attraction of shower gel anymore and find the aesthetic of a soap far more desirable. 

so this is a journey in itself. 
I'm by no means done and not entirely convinced I enjoy the products I currently use. 
In tandem to reducing plastic I am also attempting to reduce sulphates, alcohols and silicones in my hair products and to put the four together I'm really reducing the items I can buy in the first place. 

The main transition is moving from a liquid to a bar. 

The bar shampoo (which I now no longer use) is the easiest item to get the hang of. Sulphate free or not they're very user friendly and require very little patience to get the most from. 

The conditioner bar is a whole new experience... and one that I've taken a few attempts to understand. It  requires a longer period of time to warm up for application to the hair as its main ingredient is cocoa butter, but with perserverence you get the good results. 

this was the most difficult transition and one I'm still working on. Denttabs have been a great option thus far and I will continue to buy them until I can find another suitable alternative. 

I mentioned The Body Shop Camomile cleanser in my video but I have since researched the ingredients and I'm not completely happy with the amount of fragrance. I have a couple of bottles from The Inkey List in my cupboard so I have a buffer - the search continues. 

to conclude
I have a lot of other changes I'm excited to make, but some are out of my control as I still live with my dad. 

I also think that this process is by no means going to be perfect, nor am I going to get there overnight. 

I admire many of the #zerowaste bloggers and vloggers, but they all continue to point out the flaw with the consumer taking responsibility. 

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