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Friday, January 8, 2021

2. My no buy / low buy 2021 rules - UK minimalist + aspiring conscious consumer


 my why

i don't want to own more things. 

to put more money toward my moving out fund and get closer to financial freedom

to have more money for travelling and experiences

to stop wasting money on things i'm only going to throw away

to stop using up resources in a wasteful manner - be more sustainable

to appreciate the things i already have

spending rules

clothing - no new clothes unless for a functional purpose ( /essential)

dining out - i have a specific budget per month for this category

cosmetics - replacement only

essentials are fine

gifts - homemade or at least a lowbuy.

misc - no impulse purchases, but if i need a replacement, or an item for a function then I have a ten day waiting period. 


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