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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

| review | Tisserand - Sweet Almond Oil |

Having items in your beauty routine which can perform many functions is just one way to reduce your environment footprint. It's not much, but it's doing more than nothing.

Don't forget!

the what::
let me tell you about the oil i've been using for over ten years - Sweet Almond Oil. 

| Tisserand | Sweet almond | 100ml | £5 | Amazon |*

the sales pitch:

highly moisturising and nourishing this oil is packed full of oleic acid (an omega-9 fatty acid), linoleic acid (an omega-6 fatty acid) and vitamin e.

These combined are able to tackle inflammation, reduce breakouts, act as an anti-oxidant and provide moisturising effects.

it is used regularly as a carrier oil due to being able to 'play well' with other products.

the why::
oils on the skin are one of my favourite delivery methods. 

I like sweet almond oil for its ability to help my skin retain moisture and deal with any irritation in a gentle way.

the how::
there are so many methods of application for this oil.

I use it for a couple but a quick google informed me I'm not really scratching the surface:
- oil cleansing method
- facial moisturiser
- body moistiser
- shaving oil
- nail and cuticle oil
- hair oil
- perfume essential oil

my thoughts::
i always have a bottle of this on hand. it's easy to use and isn't sun sensitive - something i get through a lot of on holiday!

| Tisserand | Sweet almond | 100ml | £5 | Amazon |*

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